Instructors: Eddie and Beverly Caballero: Ed has been a connoisseur of Salsa music for 50 years. AKA El dueño de la Salsa in Peoria (the “boss” of Salsa in Peoria). Eddie and Beverly have been teaching and dancing to Latin music in Peoria Illinois since 2006.

Current teaching locations include Contemporary Art Center (CAC) Peoria Park District, Bradley University and the Speakeasy Art Center. Previous locations included Washington Community High School, Metamora HS, Noir Restaurant, River Plex Recreation Center, District 150 Public Schools, Common Place, Illinois Central College, Carver Center, Friendship House, Lafayette Dance Hall Bloomington, McLean County Art Center, and Clarion Hotel Bloomington.

They have also performed as a couple, with a group and with their Bradley Salsa students. Ed Caballero has been featured twice in the Local Peoria magazine, El Numero and Prairie Living. Both Ed and Beverly participated as instructors in the Peoria Casablanca Dancing with the Stars November 1, 2014, where Ed and his local star won 1ST place.

Ed has DJ'd at the St Louis Mid-West Salsa Congress twice, the Blue Lounge, New York City, Dinosaur Restaurant, New York City, and Fiesta en el Rio, Peoria. Ed has been the resident Salsa DJ at Contemporary Art Center since 2007.

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Ed and Beverly Caballero

Instructor: Jason Button

I have been dancing for over 27 years and have great passion for line dancing. I became a dance instructor over 15 years ago, providing dance classes for beginners & intermediate line dancing publicly and privately. I have a background in many varies forms of dance from line dancing to Hip Hop and everything in between. Dancing is all about having a good time while you express your self through the movement of your body. The key aspect of being a dance instructor is listening to students and making necessary adjustment to accommodate their ideas. In Addition, dancing is also a great alternative for exercise, so we make it into a lite workout.

I love dancing, what can I say … come visit us at Club 309, It’s time to feel the Energy

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Instructor: Heidi Theinert

Oriental Dance most commonly known as Belly Dance is the oldest form of dance. Belly Dance is primarily a torso driven dance that focuses on isolations of the torso muscles, with an emphasis on articulations of the hips. It focuses on isolating different parts of the body, moving them independently in sensuous patterns. It has roots in all ancient cultures from the Orient to India to the Mid-East.  The greatest misconception about this dance form is that it is intended to entertain men. Rather, it is a dance form you can learn to do for fun, entertainment, or fitness.

Belly Dance is a non-impact, weight-bearing exercise that is suitable for all ages. This dance form uses isolations, which improves flexibility of your body.  It strengthens the abdominal, thigh, calve, arm, back, buttock and hip muscles.  It corrects poor posture with its unique isolated movements. The unique full-body undulation moves are beneficial to the spine, which lengthens (decompresses) and strengthens the entire column of the spine and abdominal muscles in a gentle way. When danced with a veil it builds strength in the upper body, arms and shoulders. The legs and long muscles of the back are strengthened by the hip movements. Yet, due to it being low impact, it is safe to dance throughout the third trimester of a pregnancy, as it strengthens the stomach muscles for childbirth.

Instructor: Jon Young

Jon is From Bloomington, IL and has been a Dance instructor for 5 years working for many different studio and Park districts in Central IL.  He is an amateur competitor in West Coast Swing circuit and has done many Charity Showcase dances in the area. His many focus is to bring a fun teaching style to your lesson"

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